What hypnotherapy can be used for


Many people have an impression of what they think hypnosis is about and how it's done based on what they've seen through television shows and movies. Being &quo;hypnotized&quo; does not mean that you are out of or handing over control. On the contrary, while in a proper hypnotic state you become hyper aware and are in complete control throughout the entire process. To clarify:

  • You WILL remain completely alert
  • You will not stay stuck in hypnosis
  • You will not lose your memory
  • You WILL experience deep relaxation
  • You will not lose control of yourself or thoughts
  • You will not go into a mental void
  • You will not do anything against your will or better judgment
  • You WILL have total and complete control of your own thoughts throughout the entire process

It’s really best to have zero expectations beyond feeling super relaxed. Everyone has a different experience but some very common things experienced by most are:

  • Being very relaxed
  • Being completely aware of everything that’s said
  • Feeling comfortable and calm

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