About NeuGenesis

NeuGenesis is a neuroscience trauma release process designed to restore calm and clarity to the client's mind. The process neutralizes the stress loop, restoring the body's ability to regulate and repair itself. This life-changing trauma release modality helps heal past trauma of all kinds, offering one a renewed ability to become centered in the present and more responsive and content so they can enjoy life more fully.

Whether suffering from childhood trauma or neglect, C-PTSD, service- related PTSD or having had experienced something traumatic in their adult lives, individuals who experience this one-day treatment report a distinct difference in the way they experience, view and understand their past trauma in the present moment.

Many clients report feeling removed or detached from the trauma or issues that led them to NeuGenesis initially and that they come away with a deep knowing and understanding that what happened to them is not who they are and only what happened to them.

This understanding proves to be deeply comforting and healing. It's as if the cords to the subconscious cause of the on-going suffering are cut and the individual can see life through a new lens or perspective. They report being calmer and more content, able to see clearly what is happening before them-making them more present, capable and less able to be controlled and manipulated by others. They are able to respond to difficult situations in a new and appropriate manner and with a new ability to pause in order to choose the next best response. With a single NeuGenesis treatment clients report being happier overall and that their level of suffering was measurably reduced.

This is data supported with numerous testimonials available for your review on file at The Studio- La Pine. Contact us for more information.

How NeuGenesies Works

1) A NeuGenesis Practitioner will work with you one-on-one to:

  • identify the issue and/or the cause of your suffering,
  • recognize the patterns that hold trauma in your life,
  • name and excavate the emotions that hold trauma in place,
  • neutralize: your memory of the trauma, un-wanted resulting behavior and experiences, the threat, and ultimately the issue at hand.

2) The process usually lasts from 5-7 hours and by the end it has helped to return the areas of the individuals' brain that have been recruited on overdrive to respond to the threat, back to homeostasis, resulting in a renewed sense of calm and clarity.

3) Healing begins as the body shifts and releases the hormones and chemicals activated by trauma. Then you are able to change your perspective, behavior and reactions to your feelings.

Exploring the Neurobiology of Change

If you are tired of suffering with unwanted emotions and thoughts know, there is HOPE! You are not alone and there is a solution.

Make space for your healing and book a NeuGenesis Session or call the La Pine based Practitioner, Stacia Ash, at 541-876-2100 to inquire further if this treatment is a good fit for you or your loved one suffering from past or ongoing trauma.

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